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  • Andrea Durnell

Put a flower on it!

I have to confess that I am an embellisher.

I can't resist the lure of trying to tweak whatever happens to be in front of me. A loaf of bread can support a sprig of herbs, a cocktail becomes a genuine party with a nasturtium in it, even nuts and salad greens can use a bit of contrast.

In my home decor, I strive to simplify with fewer but more impactful accessories. You can't really have too many vases of fresh greens or garden flowers, though, can you?

I have to carefully regulate the amount of decor on each new hat I make and a big challenge in creating my dolls is keeping them simple and knowing when to stop. There is a lot of beauty in an impression, a hint, and room for the viewer to fill in their own blanks.

Too much detail and too much ornamentation leaves less to the imagination and stops the viewer's mind from running. Clutter can do that. Embellishing can go too far.

But, I really love to try to create a little magic in the middle of the mundane. Why not? Instead of a walk, I like to have an adventure. Instead of eating outside on a paper plate, why not elevate it with real dishes and a vase of flowers and feel like you are at a retreat? (Is it really that hard to throw dishes in the dishwasher?)

I might wear jeans and a tee shirt a lot, but you are unlikely to catch me too often without lipstick! And, yes, I did used to take Yara to the bus stop with a coat over my nightgown but I always had a great hat!

My furniture is not elegant, but each corner of each room is a destination where a cup of coffee or a glass of wine can be had with a book or a conversation because, why not? And, speaking of conversation, sure, you can state the facts, but why not tell them in a story instead?

A flower is always just right. Put a flower on it!

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