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  • Andrea Durnell

The Equine Invasion!

A fair number of horses sold before I had to chance to photograph them. I have learned, the past few years to take candid photos of them along their road to creation but for many decades a lot of work washed out like the tide!

Each carving season (which starts when my unheated workspace is warm enough!) I start with a horse. I don't really need a lot of photos to carve one since I spent a good deal of my time looking at them in detail for many years, up close. I feel comfortable taking liberties while anthropomorphizing them because I can visualize their heads and features in nearly any position to create an expression. They warm me up for the other animals I may not have had as much personal experience with.

Once again, thanks to Larry Berman for the professional photos taken once I finally came to my senses. Some of these other work-in-progress were taken prior to cell phones and possibly a few were taken prior to digital cameras! As much as I complain about cell phones, those cameras have made life easier for those of us with no technical skills! (see the candid photos on Facebook

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