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  • Andrea Durnell

What an honor!

I am celebrating today. I have never been one to chase after accolades, submit my work to magazines, or try to win awards. But, this year, at the urging of a few fellow artists, I threw my hat in the ring and sent in my application to Early American Life Magazine's Directory of Traditional American Crafts.

I have hemmed and hawed over this for years, not really knowing how I fit into their categories, but feeling somehow that it was something I wanted to do, and a lofty goal. I think a lot of artists feel the same. We create what we do out of an abundance of passion for it and not because we are seeking recognition. The list of artisans who are and have been on this list is so daunting that I didn't dare apply. They are the rock stars of the traditional artisan world, the top heritage artisans in the nation. I have met and admired a number of them at shows and online. I am always humbled by their bodies of work. A few of them have even purchased my work.

I am delighted, and honored and thrilled to be included this year in the 2019 Directory! Grab a copy of August issue of Early American Life ( ) and have a look at this list of accomplished artisans and the list of esteemed jurors who chose us. I hope it never gets old to feel included on such a list of people who shine at what they have dedicated their lives to do.

This week marks the beginning of my 2019 Carving Season and what a way to begin! I am feeling well propelled into my mindset, and with the hats finished, labeled and stowed, I am happy to make the transition!

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